Many stories, one earth!

Filmmakers is an online initiative which brings together filmmakers and content creators to share production opportunities across the globe. A Studio in Berlin might need a casting agent in Rio and a China based advertising agency could be in search for a voice talent in Swahili. GFO is the online platform where creative people are allowed to communicate and get in touch in different stages of co-production.

Many stories, One earth!


Besides being a network for putting together creative crew for production, are also aiming to setup a platform to organize and shape short-term film workshops.

Made from a group of international filmmakers with hands on experience and regional connections we understand the dynamics of collaboration between local forces and international talents in realizing a fruitful workshop. Being filmmakers ourselves we have been involved with workshops of several giant filmmakers and industry professionals. This not only makes us experienced at the specifics of workshop programming, but it also does help us to see things from the point of view of a participant.

We are currently expanding our international connections, making a list of film-friendly locations, cities and regions where filmmaking workshops can be held. On the other side we are meeting with industry professionals who have the noble purpose of teaching and sharing their knowledge with younger generations. Soon we will have the means that allows us to organize taking an international cinema master to a remote village in your country where she can share wisdom for a week or two!

In addition, by connecting local filmmakers with our staff members we not only help organize each workshop, but we also fund these events in a way that all involved forces can earn both financial and technical gains in the process.

In the big picture, these efforts will not only help to expand the art and techniques of modern filmmaking into remote places, but it will also give young filmmakers a chance to tell story of people who are otherwise nonexistent in mainstream media unless an earth quake or war trashes their lives apart.

Stay tuned for news about our upcoming workshops by following our social pages and get in touch to let us know if your city or village has the potential to become a film workshop destination.


In the history of cinema, filmmaking has never been more accessible and affordable. New digital technologies are allowing creative young filmmakers to shoot on location and edit in the comfort of their bedroom, leading to birth of compelling stories that are made for as little as few thousands of dollars. In some countries these rates could be dropped into few hundreds with the possibility of end results being viewed on free platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo worldwide. And although it might not provide income for many, these developments could still bring as much exposure to new independent filmmakers from developing countries with limited cinema infrastructure as to those with advanced filmmaking industry.

For filmmakers of this capacity who have hands-on experience and passion to tell stories, making a film is still not the best of ways to generate income and having a side job that both satisfies their creative ambitions and brings bread to the table could be a great help. was brought to life with the idea of initiating a platform where filmmakers across the world can come together and share filming opportunities. An editor in Los Angeles might need footage from a DP in Haleb for a TV series set in Syria. A director in Rio might be interested to cast an actress in Malmo for his next shoot in Sweden and a producer in Barcelona might be needing a Soundmixer for their upcoming documentary in Tehran. The opportunities are infinite, and we have realized that there aren’t many online services for this purpose or if there are, these services are not practical due to ongoing sociopolitical issues that exist between governments.

By setting forth our online social networks we aim to use internet for what it is made for; making a platform that connects people/filmmakers of all nations and gives them the opportunity to help each other tell stories that can make an impact.

Join Global Filmmakers today by becoming a member of our Facebook page and follow it closely to stay in the loop of upcoming opportunities posted by filmmakers such as yourself.


In the eventual goal is to bring filmmakers around and shoot films that make an impact. While our wings of crew networking and film workshops are aimed at this direction we know that certain events and causes will generate more attention and interest in the public eye. To cultivate this type of interest we are setting forth a platform where artists with opposing views or intertwined causes can team up and tell the same story from varying perspectives. This will not only help to begin a dialog between two sides in the process of production, but it will also reflect in their combined works and give audience the two sides to one story.

With increasing pluralization in American public in the post-election era we can’t help but noticing huge cracks forming among people with different political affiliations, races, sexes and ethnic groups. Unfortunately, these dichotomy is not limited to US and many countries suffer the same fate. believes that art in its general form and film in specific has the potential to bring people together and to establish a dialog.

By introducing the “Talent Team” initiative, we plan to help produce content that has the expressed goal of teaming up artists with opposing views to produce a single project which address their views on varied topics from two sides of the spectrum.

If you are a filmmaker with views on a certain cause and you need a platform to tell that story get in touch and let us know about your topic of interest. In the Talent Team department, we might find someone with the same cause who might see things different from you and this could just be the beginning of a one of a kind collaboration on a story that you guys will tell.


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